[Delivery Piper] How to make – Using a 5-Axis Machine


This is the second video of “How to make” series.
We summarized the machining processes of delivery pipe with the MAM72-42V.
The delivery pipe is a component for Hydrogen Engine and requires rigidity in complex shapes.
The machining processes were completed with one machining center while achieving accuracy and rigidity.
The center deep hole was machined from one direction using a long drill with a tool length of 400 [mm].
A tilting fixture can make the most of machine stroke so that eliminates interference when positioning the long drill.
The taper seal surface was machined by orbit machining. No need to machine the taper seal surface with a lathe.

To be even more productive, we offer an optional multi-pallet system on Matsuura’s 5-axis machines and horizontal machines. With multi-pallet systems, you can load and unload workpieces while running machines, and achieve lights-out operations. It is beneficial keep fixtures in the pallet system not breaking down your setups. Because of indexing capability, the fixture has a simple shape.