5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MAM72-42V


5-Axis Vertical Machining Center


The beginning of a new era.
The ultimate 5 axis production machining centre.

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New Matsuura Operating SystemMiOSmounted

Workload reduction by ease-of-use operability;
New Matsuura Operating System enables secure and reliable unmanned operation

  The user interface was updated for the first time in 10 years, and the newly developed Operating System, as standard, enables intuitive operability. The main screen dispalys all necessary information for automatic operation, such as machining schedule, machining progress (start/end time display), tool life, machining program and tool management pre-check. Machine status can be seen at a glance facilitating secure and reliable unmanned operation. In addition, to prevent delivery delays due to machine setup time or machine stops caused by human errors in machining schedule setups, all machining data (programs, instructions, images, work offsets, machining time, etc.) can now be managed as one (up to 1,000 project data can be set into one machine), enabling easy and reliable night/weekends unmanned operation. Operation efficiency has been further improved by enlarging the operation area in the NC screen (conventional 12 inch to 13.7 inch).

Ensuring stable and high accuracy machining in extended unmanned operation;
New automation system maximizes your operation efficiency

  To further increase the productivity of extended unmanned operation in Matsuura’s 5-axis machining and multi-pallet systems, the “coolant system” and the “sludge collection” are available as options to ensure stable high accuracy machining.
  The“coolant system” monitors the state of coolant in the machine (amount of coolant, concentration, temperature, pH value, etc.) and automatically supplies the required amount of coolant to maintain the set amount and concentration during extended unmanned operation.
  The new system prevents unexpected machine stops due to lack of coolant and eliminates the need to replenish coolant on weekends (*available water-soluble coolant only).
  The “sludge collection” removes more than 90% of the sludge in the tank which can shorten the life of tools and coolant (available castings and aluminum sludge only) and reduces running costs by prolonging the life of tools and coolant, contributing to a cleaner work environment by eliminating the odor of spoiled coolant.
  To reduce issues with chips during machining and minimize cleaning time inside the machine, flat areas and bolts have been reduced to manage chip accumulation.

Productivity improvement by reduction of machine downtime;
New visualizing system for reliable night/weekends unmanned operation

  To optimize production efficiency, the “Operation Status Monitoring” is installed as standard for visualizing operation status on the NC screen.
  To reduce machine downtime, the “monitoring camera” and the “Matsuura Remote Monitoring System” are available as options enabling reliable unmanned operation. The system quickly provides alerts when the machine stops or alarms sound. Customers may access the pallet management screen from a remote location and immediately respond to sudden schedule changes.
  “Machine Information Output (MT Connect)” can be selected as an option for visualizing the operation status of the entire factory, including machines from other manufacturers.


Basic Performance

Direct Drive Linear Motors on the B / C axes assure faster operation.
Indexing Time is Half

Utilising Direct Drive Linear Motors on the B / C axes delivers faster operation and a reduction in non-cutting time. Moving at 50min-1 and 100min-1 respectively, these gearless & robust axes per form without noise and are maintenance and lubrication free for life.


ATC Tool Magazines

Chain Magazine 60Tools

Matrix Magazine

130/170/210/250/290/330 tools
370/410/450/490/530 tools

APC Pallet System

Tower Pallet System PC32

Operability & Usability

Workpiece and spindle accessibility

Although the MAM72-35 is by its very design the ultimate machine tool for unmanned production, there is an obvious need to accommodate operator set up & maintenance access to the working enclosure and spindle.
A larger access door and shorter distance to the working enclosure pallet and to the spindle place operator comfort the core of the new design.


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