Vertical Machining Center V.Plus Series

V.Plus Series

Compact, User Friendly Models

Matsuura’s vertical machining centers that were developed as a pioneer
evolve through the time with the keys of high-accuracy and high-speed.


Vertical Machining Center


Vertical Machining Center V.Plus-550

Max. Work Size

V.Plus-550Max. Work Size


Vertical Machining Center


Vertical Machining Center V.Plus-800

Max. Work Size

V.Plus-800Max. Work Size


Features of the V.Plus Series

Highly Rigid Construction, Ultra Precision Assembly


Significant ribbing of the bed & column – designed & optimized by FEM analysis.

Reliable, High Quality

Grease lubrication is utilized for all axes ballscrews, & on X & Y linear guides.

To support longevity, & maintain high accuracy for the life of the machine, parallelism & straightness of the linear guides is set to within 2 μm during manufacture. (Full stroke)



spindle from Mtsuura – the pioneers of High Speed Spindles.

Renowned the world over for their reliability, precision, rigidity & outstanding durability and performance,is bland name for Matsuura spindles – the leading thechnology innovators for HSM spindles.

Equipped with a proven auto-grease lubrication system.(#40)

Pursuing ever more reliable and maintenance free technologies, the proven auto-grease spindle lubrication system is a standard feature on Maxia spindles – delivering maintenance free operation for life.

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