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Our SDG Activities

Our SDG Activities

Our SDG Activities

Matsuura Machinery Corporation supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a manufacturer operating on a global scale, we endeavor to develop
premium-quality, sustainable products with the motto “Humans, Earth, and Technology.”
We will implement activities to achieve the SDGs adopted by the United Nations
for achievement by 2030.

Our SDG Activities

Development, Manufacturing, and Sales of Machine Tools with Advanced Features

  • SDG 7
  • SDG 8
  • SDG 8

Adoption of our original automation and unmanned systems enables continuous production through the night and holidays without human involvement.
By integrating a metal 3D printer and a cutting machine, our hybrid metal 3D printer LUMEX Series has enabled production of structures that have been impossible to create with conventional machines. We will promote inclusive innovation by providing and promoting sales of the LUMEX Series.
Ingenious machines that only Matsuura can create will contribute to improving our customers’ productivity and production innovation.

Thorough Export Control

  • SDG 12
  • SDG 16

We mainly export our products to countries that implement strict export controls on products and technologies that may threaten global peace. We thoroughly control our export activities including product manufacturing and export procedures.

One Country One Agency Network Valuing Relationships

  • SDG 17

Our network of agencies with excellent service and application abilities is our strength in global expansion. Under our original policy of having only one agency for one country/region, we share the value of focusing on building long lasting relationships by cherishing our customers rather than focusing on large sales volume. Our agencies provide reliable and thorough services to customers of every country/region at the same level as that of the services provided in Japan.

Support for the Local Soccer Team Fukui United FC

  • SDG 3
  • SDG 4
  • SDG 8

Since 2014, we have been a sponsor of the Fukui United FC, a local soccer team aiming at being promoted to the Japan Professional Football League. Such as by holding soccer classes for local children, the club also emphasizes on serving the community through soccer. We also support the club by employing current and former team members as full-time employees.

Our Quality Assurance System

  • SDG 9
  • SDG 12
  • SDG 17

As the mission of a manufacturer of machine tools, i.e., “mother machines” used for manufacturing other machines, we are committed to manufacturing that achieves accuracy on the order of micrometers in all processes from parts production, assembly, inspection, up to completion. Any slight machining errors which arise through production are finely adjusted by the hands of our experienced engineers to achieve the ultimate (maximum attainable) final accuracy. Furthermore, we obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1994 and we have been implementing quality engineering based on the Taguchi Method since 1996, conducting research on manufacturing and product development in light of the customers’ viewpoint.

Eco-Friendly Activities

  • SDG 11
  • SDG 13

We periodically perform eco-friendly activities. For example, we help with junk collection, hold discussion meetings with neighborhood residents, voluntarily take part in community service, perform clean-up/greening activities, help with providing environmental protection guidance, and make environmental measurements.

Projects for Introducing Manufacturing to Students

  • SDG 4
  • SDG 8

From elementary school students to college students, we actively provide factory tours for a wide range of students to communicate Japan’s technologies and the joy of manufacturing. We have also been implementing an annual internship program for high school and college students to provide the opportunity for understanding our jobs.

Other Activities

  • Support for Employee Learning

    SDG 4

    Regardless of their age, position, or department, we support all employees to participate in self-development activities. For example, we provide financial assistance for purchasing textbooks for studying, taking English conversation classes, etc.

  • Diversity Hiring

    SDG 8

    We hire people of different nationalities and people with disabilities so that diverse individuals can leverage their strengths at work.

  • Creating an Employee-Friendly Work Environment

    SDG 5

    We endeavor to create a work environment in which men and women can equally continue working while raising children or providing care for elderly family members. Furthermore, we will create an employee-friendly work environment in which all staff members share the joy of working and each member takes an active part in the workplace.

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