[Vacuum Chamber] How to make – Using a 5-Axis Machine


This is the first video of “How to make” series.
We summarized the machining processes of vacuum chamber with the MX-520.
The vacuum chamber is an integral component of a vacuum equipment. It has a complicated shape and varies according to the specifications of the vacuum equipment.
In this case, it takes 8 processes to complete the part on a 3-axis machine. With Matsuura’s 5-axis vertical machining center MX-520, it can complete that in just 2 processes. One-chuck multi-face machining and spring-neck machining by the orbit machining function can shorten the setup time, reduce variations in accuracy, and improve productivity.
To be even more productive, we offer an optional multi-pallet system on Matsuura’s 5-axis machines and horizontal machines. With multi-pallet systems, you can load and unload workpieces while running machines, and achieve lights-out operations. it is beneficial keep fixtures in the pallet system not breaking down your setups.
Because of indexing capability, the fixture has a simple shape.