5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MX-520


5-Axis Vertical Machining Center


For a smooth Transition To 5-Axis Machining MX-520

  • Improved productivity with cycle time reduction by performance improvement of machine movement

  • Expandable automation design offering both manpower savings and high productivity

  • Total support functions for reliable 5-axis machining and prolonged unmanned operation

  • Environmental protection by reducing wasteful power consumption with auto power off function

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Maximum Work Size

Max. work dimensions
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Max. work dimensions
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OPTIONRecommendation for simple automation

Simple Automation

Affordable, Reliable Unmanned 5 Axis Production Unmanned Automation Package OptionOption

Matsuura designed and built compact OEM 4 pallet system, with 90/120 tools as standard for maximum production and optimized spindle utilisation.
Excellence is affordable; The MX-520 delivers our legendary 5 axis automated production to within the investment reach of all machining companies.

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Basic Performance

High Productivity with Cycle Time Reduction by Machine Movement Performance Improvement

To reduce a cycle time that has a direct influence over the productivity of customers, the newly designed MX-520 achieved a cycle time reduction of 10% or more (compared to conventional model) by improving the 4/5 axis rapid traverse rate to 33/50min-1 (conventional to 17/33min-1) and the performance of machine movement.

Manpower Savings and High Productivity: Capable of High-Variation/Low-Volume Production and Prolonged Unmanned Operation

To solve labor shortages in your workplace, the MX-520 can optionally build as a simple automation system with PC4 (floor pallet system) and 90/120 tool magazine, while easily achieving unmanned operation with a small footprint. In addition, the MX-520 and our high-end model, the MAM72-52V PC15 (530 tool magazine at maximum) both utilize the same pallets, making it easy to smoothly step up to full-spec automation. A new 15,000 min-1 is added to the spindle lineup, increasing the options for various machining to meet customer demands.

Matsuura Original Collision Prevention Function (Intelligent Protection System) installed on the NC screen as Standard

Previously requiring an external PC, this function prevents collision from programming errors during auto operation and human errors during manual operation.

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