Company Profile

Company Name Matsuura Machinery Corporation 松浦機械 本社外観
Head Office 4-201 Higashimorida, Fukui-city
910-8530 Japan
Date of Foundation August, 1935
Capital ¥ 90 million
Employees 400
Overseas Branch Offices Matsuura Europe GmbH (Germany)
Matsuura Machinery Ltd (UK)
Matsuura Machinery GmbH(Germany)
Elliott Matsuura (Canada)
Matsuura Machinery USA (U.S.A)
Matsuura Machinery Taiwan Co.,Ltd (Taiwan)
Matsuura Machinery Corporation Shanghai Representative Office (China)


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Matsuura’s Logo

マツウラ ロゴマーク

Matsuura’s Logo Mark

The dynamic design of the company logo represents the continual advancement of technology through the many individual achievements of the Matsuura staff.
The vivid Matsuura green symbolizes our wish that our new technologies can exist in harmony with Mother Nature, for the benefit
of Mankind.
The three ovals signify Man, Earth and Technology as well as an 'M', the initial letter of Matsuura. The logo is inclined to the right of an angle of 23.45 degrees which matches the tilt of the Earth's Axis.

Announcement of Product Logo


Matsuura Machinery Corporation announces that we are going to use a
new common product logo. This will be used on all Matsuura machines as a new PI ( Product Identity ), and represents the characteristics and principles of Matsuura machines.


We will start to use this product logo from 1st October 2007 and will subsequently attach this label to all newly built Matsuura products. In order to continue the traditions and the spirit of manufacturing that the three generations have maintained over a 70-year period since Matsuura was founded, we have decided on MAXIA as our new product logo.

We will continue to strive to do what nobody else can do, by pursuing new innovation and manufacturing high quality products to satisfy the demands of our customers.

From now on, we are going to use this product logo to express Matsuura′s high quality image.

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