5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MAM72-52V PC15

MAM72-52V <span class=PC15"/>

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

MAM72-52V PC15

Variable-part,Variable-volume Production
Extended Unmanned Operation
All-in-one Machine

  • All-in-one Machine

  • Newly Developed 4th-/5th-axis Table

  • Excellent Accessibility

  • Ease of Maintenance

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Max. Work Size

Maximum Work Size

Max. work dimensions
Loading Capacity


High speed, unerring accuracy and longevity of sustained performance are assured with our proven 4th / 5th axis design

A DD drive system is employed for the 5th-axis unit.

High-resolution scale feedback system provided as standard.

4th-/5th-axis specification
  4th axis
(tilling axis)
5th axis
(roataling axis)
Drive System DD DD
Feed rate 50min-1 100min-1
Allowable cutting torque 373N・m 255N・m
Brake torque 4150N・m 3000N・m

Excellent Accessibility

Unfettered access to the machining enclosure assures comfort during set-up / maintenance

The operator door opens 700mm (27.55in) wide, which facilitates workpiece setup and maintenance work.

Good access to the workpiece and spindle: distance from machine front (oil pan edge) to pallet center: 564mm (22.20in),that to spindle center: 134mm (5.27in).

The height from the floor to the pallet top is 1050mm (41.33in), enhancing the operator experience when working on set-ups.

1. Distance flom machine front to spindle center :
134mm (5.27in)
2. Operator door opening width :
700mm (27.55in)
3. Distance flom machine front to pallet center :
564mm (22.20in)
4. Height flom floor to pallet top :
1,050mm (41.33in)

All-in-one Machine

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