5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MX-850


5-Axis Vertical Machining Center


Introducing the big brother of the globally acclaimed MX-520

  • From Beginner to Advanced, the MX-520 offers
    Sublime Usability

  • Superb & Efficient Design

  • Large Workpiece Machining

  • MAXIA Spindle that effectively works for heavy cutting
    and high-speed machining.

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MX-850

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Affordable, Reliable Unmanned 5 Axis Production Unmanned Automation Package OptionOption

Matsuura designed and built compact OEM 4 pallet system, with 90/120 tools as standard for maximum production and optimized spindle utilisation.
Excellence is affordable; The MX-520 delivers our legendary 5 axis automated production to within the investment reach of all machining companies.

Learn more about automation and unmanned operation solutions


Basic Performance


Highly Durable RAM Type Structure

The MX-850 has been designed with a RAM type structure, offering a compact & highly durable machining platform. Design advances have afforded the MX-850 a large machining enclosure, within this class. Matsuura’s established high accuracy & reliability comes as standard with the MX-850.

Table Options That Meet All Machining Needs

The Φ500mm(Φ19.68 in.) table equipped as standard. You can also choose from a Φ700mm(Φ27.55 in.) table or one with an attached flat table (Φ500mm (19.68 in.)) according to your machining needs.

▲Specifications with a flat table. (Φ500mm(19.68 in.))[Option]

Operability & Usability


The MX-850 possesses a cavernous enclosure door opening width of 1,055mm – allowing safe and ergonomic loading of even the most unwieldy billets. The distance from the front of the machine to the spindle is just 110mm – assuring operator comfort whilst work setting & routine maintenance.
A sliding roof cover, incorporating a proven Matsuura design, affords the operator a spacious 435mm roof opening for loading billets safely by crane.

Easy operator access to the spindle

Crane access

Excellent accessibility

Easy tool setup



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